Mini Split Systems in Springfield, Missouri

Mini Split System

Attention Springfield, Missouri, homeowners and small business owners! Heil® mini-split systems in Springfield, Missouri, offer comfort for problematic rooms.

Inverter technology provides dependable heating and cooling, eliminating temperature swings.

Ductless mini-split systems are more secure, helpful, and energy efficient than window air conditioning units. Many of these systems are ENERGY STAR® eligible, offering affordable home comfort.

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More Information on Mini Split Equipment &Technology

Mini-splits most closely resemble heat pumps in the way they operate. Both kinds of equipment provide electric cooling, just like an air conditioner. This involves using a refrigerant to draw out heat from in a building and issuing that warmth outside. Then, a reversing valve permits the system to run backward, warming your residence in the winter by removing heat from outdoor air and bringing it inside.

The most significant difference between mini-splits and heat pumps is that mini-split systems don’t need ductwork. Alternatively, the indoor unit has a built-in air handler installed on the wall or ceiling where you wish to heat and cool. Copper tubes, wiring, and a condensate drain line join to an outdoor condensing unit through a small conduit in the wall. This exterior component looks like an air conditioner or heat pump condenser.


Multiple indoor units can link to a single outdoor condenser, enabling you to heat and cool your entire house with this system. This setup also makes zoning possible, a highly desirable feature that lets you determine when, where, and how much you heat and cool specific rooms.

What You Get

  • Available 208/230V
    • Sizes: 12 / 18 / 24
    •        Modes: Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto
    •        Auto-restart function
    •        Size 12 capable of being mounted on the floor only
    •        Sizes 18-24 capable of being mounted on the floor and in the ceiling
    •        Louver control (fixed or swing)
    •        Three fan speeds
    •        Air discharge from top and bottom (size 12)
    •        Follow Me (senses temperature at handheld remote)
    •        Heating Setback (46° F Heating Mode)
    •        Quiet indoor operation, as low as 34 dB(A)1
    •        Anti-corrosive fin coating
    •        10-Year Parts Limited Warranty2

Mini-split systems are a type of ductless heating and cooling. Instead of delivering conditioned air to the entire home with a network of air ducts, they heat and cool a single room at a time. This allows more advanced temperature control, increasing comfort and energy efficiency. Talk with our Certified trained service expert today (417) 840-7418

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